Quick2Sleep the best way to fall asleep fast


  1. How long does it take for Quick 2 Sleep™ to work?
    A majority of consumers report that 1 strip of Quick 2 Sleep™ helps them to fall asleep in 15 to 20 minutes. Some consumers have taken an additional strip if the initial strip was insufficient to induce sleep. This had an additive affect and sleep was induced.
  2. When using Quick 2 Sleep™ does an individual feel tired or groggy the following morning?
    No, most consumers who have used Quick 2 Sleep™ do not report any residual sleepiness or grogginess upon waking the following day. A few individuals who are very sensitive said that they have cut the strip in two which has eliminated grogginess upon waking. Note: When you first try the product you will be able to decide if you should cut the strips in half.
  3. If I use Quick 2 Sleep™ and I need to wake up in the middle of the night due to an emergency (child, fire, earthquake) will I be able to wake up and function?

    Yes you will wake up as Quick 2 Sleep™ does not put you into a state of unconsciousness. If you need to awaken due to an emergency you will awaken and be able to function.

  4. I am unable to take prescription sleeping aids due to the fact that I am in recovery – is it okay for me to use Quick 2 Sleep™ to help me get to sleep?
    Quick 2 Sleep™ is 100% natural, non-prescription, and non-habit forming.
    Quick 2 Sleep™ is currently and has been recommended by physicians who treat patients with addiction issues and has been used in treatment and recovery centers in the Los Angeles area. It was also in an episode for one of the rehabilitation series television programs.
  5. What is the Refund Policy for Quick 2 Sleep™?

    If you are not satisfied with your first packet of Quick 2 Sleep™simply return the empty, opened, and any un-opened product to us and we will process a refund for the purchase price of the product. We do not refund shipping costs. In addition the credit card company may charge a small processing fee for the refund issued. Products returned within 30 days of purchase will be refunded back to the credit card that you used to purchase the product.

    Note, if you order more than one Quick 2 Sleep™ do not open the additional Quick 2 Sleep™. If you are not satisfied with the initial Quick 2 Sleep™ (one month supply ) opening additional Quick 2 Sleep™packets will reduce your refund.

  6. Does Quick 2 Sleep™ work for everyone and what should I expect?
    Unfortunately there isn't a product (this includes prescription medications) on the market that works 100% of the time for everyone that takes it. The good news is Quick 2 Sleep™ does work for 95% of the individuals who do take it as directed. Individuals who have been on prolonged (ongoing) regimens of prescription sleep or prescription anti-anxiety medications should consult their health care provider or physcian to eliminate these addictive prescription products. You should never abruptly discontinue a prescription medication without talking to your prescribing physician


    Note: customers who have successfully discontinued addictive products are receptive to Quick 2 Sleep™. Use of any addictive product or medication will reduce or eliminate the ability of Quick 2 Sleep™ to work with the body's natural receptor sites and induce sleep.